Friday, October 12, 2012

First first

I just pretty much wanted to start a blog so I can write what's on my mind.  So beware that this blog doesn't have a definite topic except for what interests me.

And this is what's on my mind right now...

So, what's on my mind. Pretty much just relationships and how sex plays into it.  Everything moves so fast and everything seems to be online.  In my mind, it is so much easier to just be online and if you don't like the person then it's "Oops...accidentally closed the window."  But I like actually meeting people but then I have that paranoia that I don't have a easy out.  That being said, I would really just try the online thing.

The online thing...yeah.  Where do I start? I guess I went there because I figure people trying to set me up wasn't really working out and I guess I just needed a different way to meet people who have similar interests.  Not the same because in my book, it's a recipe for disaster.

But, I'm a few months into this thing but I don't know where it's going.  Honestly, and I put this up on my profile, I am looking for my best friend.  I've made the mistake of jumping into bed with the guys after the first couple meetings so I had to slow down. But what of the guy? I guess the only thing to do is ask the question...Why are you here and is your intent?

Ok...enough for now.

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