Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cliff Notes Magic Mike

So, yesterday was our annual group party. All ages welcome so I had to dress the the part, or dress more but I was still the least dressed there. If we played strip anything that involved stripping. I would be out quickly.

So, as I said it was good times with everyone. We had adult games and kids games. Music was good and of course there was dancing. I spoke with some of the moms and they were after an after party at one of the houses. Of course, it was an after party movie night. The movie they chose was Magic Mike. I never saw the movie so I said of course and it's fun to hang out with them. They are fun bunch.

So, they left early and I joined up with them after I helped clean up. Yes, the party ended early because of the kiddos and we don't normally after since we don't have a daycare for the adult party LOL

I show up at the house and they already started the movie. I, of course, didn't have any extra clothes because I wasn't planning on the after party. So I brought in a pair of pants I found in the car, asked for a shirt and just stripped down and changed in the living room. Yes, I am that comfortable with them *btw, that's the most exciting this gets with us lol

So I come in, just in time apparently, because it's a scene where Channing stripping. Okay, I have never seen this movie and up to that point, they watched the movie straight through. I come in and I start getting the narrative version where there is no dancing. So, I technically have not seen this movie but after watching it, I told the girls we need to get our dollar bills and have a girls night out at the strip bar. Actually, I wanted to find my boy and do a little strip tease for him...but I digress.

I've only been to strip bars with males and we get pretty darn crazy. I've only seen part of a women's strip club but the guys in there are pretty reserved. I would love to go to a club with my boy and see women strut their stuff but it seems the men are a little more reserved. I know this is a crazy question...but why is that?

Just a thought from last night. But I really want to watch that movie again. Cliff notes style.

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